Dear Sunday

ABZZZZ...: A Bedtime Alphabet

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Isabel Minhós Martins (Author), Yara Kono (Author)

A beautifully illustrated and engaging ABC book for children that makes bedtime easier for everyone

From “A is for Awake” to “Zzzz...” this whimsical interactive ABC book helps children wind down before bed and fall asleep. Prompts to ask one final question, encouragement to say goodbye to the sun, and details about animals and their sleep habits make this an engaging and useful book that kids will ask for again and again.

Each page features a different letter of the alphabet: on some nights kids will make it all the way to “Yaren” where Naru children are beginning their day instead of ending it, while on other nights they will nod off at “Hibernate.” Young readers learn and, more importantly, doze off, making this a particularly covetable title for children and parents alike.